Disaster Plan

  • 1 · Population expected
    300 to 500 people including minors are expected. Attendees are encouraged to register online at www.bastilledaychicago.org.
  • 2 · Event operational considerations
    Weather emergencies and cancellation:
    Organizers are dully registered to Notify Chicago service. They will pay full attention to the weather forecast. No risks will be taken with regard to weather emergencies. In case of heavy rain and/or thunderstorms is forecasted for the event, the Bastille Day event will be cancelled in advance. Since attendees are encouraged to register online, it will be possible to inform them by email of the cancellation. Organizers will also use their social media networks to reach out to potential attendees.
    Traffic and transportation:
    Attendees will be using public transportation or their private vehicles. There is a parking garage close by the school grounds.
    The school grounds are fully fenced. Access to the party area and behavior of the attendees will be checked by six professional security agents.
    Public disorder: In case of any physical conflicts between attendees, organizers will immediately call 911. As first responders, security agents will be requested to intervene and stop the fight.
    Public health/ Medical care:
    In case any medical problems occur, organizers and security agents will call 911.
    In case a child is lost, the music or film will be momentarily cut and a message will be announced through the speakers. The “meet me” location will be located at the Sound System Tent.
    Fire Safety and Evacuation:
    The decision to put an end to the event and evacuate will be taken by the Consul general of France. His decision will be communicated through the speakers.
    In case a fire occurs, the music or film will be cut and attendees will be invited via speakers to leave the party quietly and to move towards the streets. Fences will be opened by organizers in advance to allow the crowd to pass. Attendees will be informed accordingly. Should the organizers decide to end to the party prematurely, a quiet evacuation will be requested via speakers to the attendees. Fences will be opened in advance by the organizers to allow the crowd to pass. Attendees will be informed accordingly.
  • 3 · Communication
    This disaster plan will be communicated to all organizing members, and be available to the public on the Bastille Day website www.bastilledaychicago.org